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 I can just spam up my own journal :3

Four major ideas right now. One Specialverse, two gameverse, and one that could go either way, or even animeverse (though I don't play animeverse). Heck, one of the two gameverse ones could just be an originalverse. One per post for a while, I'm lazy okay?

Annnnywho, Specialverse AU idea is this post and it's just... Kinda cracky. Superhero AU, think Justice League of America. DEX HOLDERS GET POWERS. BAD GUYS GET POWERS except grunts don't. Basically... What I've thought of goes like this.

Red's a precog. He gets flashes of the future, typically only a few seconds ahead. Part of the reason he's such a great battler is because he can get glimpses of incoming attacks and avoid them. He can control these a little. It doesn't always work, though. Occasionally (when something really big is coming) he can get a vision of something pretty far in the future. He can't control those at all.

Green is an amplifier. He can boost the powers of other people, or lower them. Like Blue, he does this with hand-to-skin contact. He can choose whether to boost or weaken the power of his victim, and the buff/debuff lasts for 10 hours. The effects stack, so he can change the strength of someone's power by varying amounts. His power does not work on Pokemon.

Blue's power is all about thievery. If she touches someone who has a power with her bare hand, she can "steal" their power. She is able to use it, until she touches someone else, or touches the same person again. If she already has a power with her and touches someone else who has a power, she gets the power of the second person and they get the power she borrowed from the first person. This swap lasts for twenty-four hours. She can also give someone a power for twenty-four hours by stealing a power then touching someone who doesn't have a power with her bare hand. She can return a power to its owner the same way she stole it. People cannot use their powers while she or someone she lent it to has them. Her power does not activate if she doesn't get skin contact. She can hold onto a power she's stolen indefinitely, but she can only have one at once.

Yellow's powers are obvious. She just gets a big power boost, so she can heal humans fairly easily, too. Telekinesis, power boosting her Pokemon, and heart reading is as limited as in canon, though.

Gold's powers are also undecided. Suggestions? Thoughts?

Silver has no powers. Instead, he is essentially Batman of the Pokemon universe. Lots of combat training, lots of detective training, lots of precision and skill, and lots and lots and lots of gadgets. The boy knows what he's doing and it's serious business, though anyone could do what he does. Or rather, could learn to. But yes, he is essentially Batman.

Crystal's power is sort of like being a human Pokedex. She can look at a Pokemon or person and get bombarded by statistical information and scientific blahblahblah. She can also scan humans for powers. She can't look at history, exactly, but... Human Pokedex thing.

Ruby is an illusionist. It's sort of like hypnosis, but he can cast an illusion or mirage over any of a person or Pokemon's five or six senses. He can make people hear or see things, etc. Yes, this means sparkles. He can also cast illusions over a person's mind if he exerts enough effort. He can make them think their power's been sealed and such. His illusions, on average, last between four and six hours depending on the size, unless he takes them down.

Sapphire is a shapeshifter. She can take on the form of any Pokemon she knows the species name and form of, and use their abilities.

Emerald is alchemically powered. He can shift his chemical composition into any element on the periodic table. If he tries hard enough, he can also do this to objects. He can use the attributes of whatever element he turns into at will.

The Sinnoh trio and anyone from B/W also have undecided powers. Same goes for villains and other major characters. All comments and ideas are welcomed~


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Jan. 15th, 2011 12:19 am (UTC)
oh hey suuuup Letty.

I'm so sorry I don't have any bright ideas for the superheroes at the moment. :( There's always looking at their personality and seeing what can you make from there. Or if you want to stretch it, see their choices in Pokemon and see what you can make from there.

I had an AU similar to this, but it was more of costumed heroes in the Pokemon world than superheroes. Kinda like Kickass and Watchmen.
Jan. 17th, 2011 07:33 am (UTC)
I was sorta thinking costumed superheroes with superpowers. Like I said, the JLA.

And yeah, I've been thinking of things... Got a few ideas.
Jan. 15th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
I don't have specific characters in mind for these ideas, but here goes:

-Why not have a character with no powers, but the brawn, brains, and gadgets? You know, like Batman or Green Arrow. They may not be powered but can still take out powered bad guys.

-OK I lied about not having specific characters in mind for these ideas but here goes: Gold's power could be based entirely on luck. He likes gambling, and I guess whenever he lands a punch it could either do a whole lot of damage or else very little. The same could be implemented when taking damage.

-Maybe have someone who's Freddy Kruger-esque? As in, someone who can enter the dreams of others and whatever damage they take in said dreams happens to them physically. The one with the powers just can't kill the person, though.

These are sort of made up ideas. I dunno if how creative you want to be with the powers because I can get about a billion from Fairy Tail and whatnot. I mean, Blue's power seems to be a lot like Rogue's of the X-Men, and of course the shapeshifting idea has been around for so long. Idk.
Jan. 17th, 2011 07:40 am (UTC)
I'm trying to go sorta traditional with the powers, not getting to weird or too overpowered. I was considering superstrength and superjumping for Gold, but I'm not sure...

The Batman idea could work, I guess... For Silver, I guess. I already got an idea for Green from the chatroom. So... Really Gold's the only one I'm iffy on now. Luck sounds good, but trying to incorporate it into a decent superpower is kinda tricky. The Freddy Kruger idea is a little overpowered for what I'm thinking -- and it's a little too close to Dream Eater. I doubt I'll use that one.

I actually did base Blue's power off a TV show I saw once. I'm not sure what I was watching, some cartoon, but it might have been X-Men. There was a girl (I think she has short red hair?) who I based Blue's power off of, and a blue boy with a tail who could teleport, and some weird machine that could zap people and things into a different dimension. The girl was having trouble with her power, and the blue boy got trapped in the alternate dimension or something... It was years ago, so I don't remember too well. But I remember the girl's power, and thought it was pretty cool.
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